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Fortified Publications Inc. (FortPubs or even FP for short) is a company based in Clarington, Ontario, Canada. FP wants to be involved in improving life on Earth. The ideas we are exploring are diverse, and one day we hope they'll have a widespread impact. Impact like helping the people with whom we work to enjoy a greater portion of their lives - less work and more play!

We are working on that through FP Club.

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Do More - Some people enjoy gardening, but for many yard work is a chore. You may have a certain way you like the laundry done, but we'd bet you'd prefer if it were done for you! Sure we might enjoy driving, but chauffeur services are really preferred aren't they? And while you are not doing all of lifes chores... wouldn't you rather be spending time with friends, seeing a show, enjoying some art, watching (better yet playing) some sport? It is another one of our aims to get people out of their houses and into their community - involved in their world.

Work Less - There was a time when the majority of people in the western world worked seven days a week. While those days are mostly gone, we at FortPubs think that even 5 days of work in a week is an outdated concept. Industrialization and technological advancement have given businesses huge gains in productivity. But those gains were not often passed on to the people. In fact most households today have more than one and often even more than two people working. And some people would still have us all work more hours.

Share More - Particularly in North America we tend to duplicate everything we have. Almost everyone has a vaccuum cleaner. Many people have cars. Lawn mowers, internet service providers, computers, powertools, we have them all. They eat up our space, our time and our budgets, and for the most part they sit unused. What if we could share them more? What if we didn't even need them?

So Here's what FP wants to do. We are going to look at services that we all need. We will employ our own people to focus on the provision of solutions to those needs. We'll strive to have our people happily employed (full-time) at about 28-hours-a-week. And they'll be trained in our own special brand of customer service. They'll be happy members of your community working with you to improve everyone's life. Watch this space for more details on how!

Those are our ideas - but we will listen to you if you've got your own. Contact us and let us know. For more information, to give us your ideas or to express interest in becoming a member of the FP team call or text (905) 922-5275 or send an e-mail to